We're investing in co-owned facilities across 8 regions, offering members the chance to co-own inspiring living spaces. This model provides real ownership and community with lower risk than traditional home ownership. Plus, it doesn't exceed standard city rental costs. We are redefining modern living for a thriving community and unparalleled flexibility. 


At the intersection of ownership, community, and affordability, we aim to redefine how people live. At the heart of our vision lies "Home of Growth," where our living spaces serve as catalysts for personal transformation. AKASHA plays a pivotal role in creating lasting impacts on residents and guests alike. Transitioned into a trust for impact, AKASHA will solidify its role in shaping positive and lasting changes for future generations.



Meet our Investors and Supporters

Every Idea needs a great team. A group of people who believe in the vision. We are very fortunate to have found such an amazing crowd of early stage believers and backers. If you feel this community, AKASHA as a home, could support your potential, message us.

Marcel Gasser

Marek Pärtel

Rony Arnold

Vera Aebi

Martina Franck

Nina Weber

Niklas Leck

Mario Sager

Nicolai Westphal

Gregor Wicki