AKASHA is dedicated to creating dream homes that foster connection and provide a sense of belonging. Our innovative co-living approach enables individuals to come together in a secure and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and development, wherever they are.


We've invested significant resources in our diversified portfolio of co-owned facilities in up to 10 regions, which allows us to deliver high-quality housing solutions. By enabling members to co-own their living spaces, we provide a sense of ownership and community, while also eliminating the risks associated with traditional home ownership. Our unique model also allows us to offer safe, comfortable, and much more affordable housing options.

Our goal is to optimize our co-owned facilities to make life better for all our members and guests. Ultimately this will create transformative co-living experiences that are unparalleled in the industry. We're passionate about creating dream homes that provide much more than just a place to stay. Our mission is to empower individuals to unlock their true potential and live life to the fullest, surrounded by a supportive and inspiring community.

Meet our Investors and Supporters

Every Idea needs a great team. A group of people who believe in the vision. We are very fortunate to have found such an amazing crowd of early stage believers and backers. If you feel this community, AKASHA as a home, could support your potential, message us.

Marcel Gasser

Marek Pärtel

Rony Arnold

Vera Aebi

Martina Franck

Nina Weber

Niklas Leck

Mario Sager

Elias Baumgartner

Nicolai Westphal

Adrian Siegwart

Thomas Lambert

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