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    «AKASHA creates homes as a source of collective and community wealth. It enables the participation and collaboration among our members. Our healing environments support our human nature and inspire our citizens. These spaces will become the place for change, belonging and feeling home wherever you go. Our tech-enabled platform will create meaningful experiences and exchange, brings a shift from the mind towards our heart to create the change & authenticity in us and the world, we are seeking for




    AKASHA stands for the universal field... it’s the 5th element (space or ether),
    the container where everything comes into existence..

    AKASHA, the home of choice, where people can co-create & co-own unique communities in the most amazing locations, focusing on inspiration, collaboration and innovation, while realising their unique potential through collective spiritual and personal development.



    People need living homes: a living home is not a shelter you can afford. It is a way of belonging and participating.

    Our communities of support are owned & driven by the community, like a time share did in the past. The major part of your monthly payment is saving or amortisation. This makes us also financially the most attractive co-living project on this planet.

    AI & blockchain enables unique experiences and connections on the next level. Becoming a prime innovation and incubation network will create further value for all our members and stakeholders.